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Frequently Answered Questions

Common Questions about Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO

Many parents have questions about the sport of wrestling. In addition to our commonly asked questions regarding our youth wrestling club in Highlands Ranch, we have provided responses to questions regarding the sport of wrestling. If you need further information or have questions we encourage you to contact us. 

Why should my son or daughter wrestle?

This is a great question and one that I can respond with a doctoral dissertation. So, the response is a question back to you on what do you want your child to gain from the sport of wrestling in Highlands Ranch? In a day of society where we are quick to protect our child from failure, we often get in the way of experiencing success!  If you desire your child to gather athletic skills for other sports, then the youth sports program in Highlands Ranch can help. If you desire to help your child develop self-confidence and mental resiliency, then the sport of wrestling and the Golden Eagle Wrestling Club can help. So, instead of trying to answer this question to everyone's liking, I have provided a link to a good article on "Why should my child wrestle" that will help explain youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO.

What age does my son or daughter need to be to wrestle? 

Kids can begin youth wrestling at the age of 3 years old. However, wrestling can be an intimidating but equally fun sport for new beginners. Our youth sports program in Highlands Ranch, CO can accommodate kids as young as 5 years old up to 14 years of age. 

What type of equipment does my child need to wrestle? 

It is required  that youth wrestlers wear wrestling shoes at practice and in competition. Wrestling shoes help the athlete with executing moves and protecting the feet. In addition, wrestling shoes help protect all wrestlers by decreasing the risk of skin infections that can be brought in from normal athletic shoes worn at school and on the playground. Practice gear should include normal athletic attire (shorts and t-shirt). Competition gear should be tight fitting to protect the wrestler. The most common uniform is the wrestling singlet but now include the dublet (Compression Shirt and MMA fight shorts). We have team practice gear available for our wrestlers and a team singlet or dublet is required for competition. 

When is the wrestling season?

Golden Eagle Wrestling Club participates in two wrestling seasons. In the United States, the traditional season for wrestling is late Fall through Winter. Therefore, the collegiate wrestling season starts in early November and ends in early March. Most youth wrestlers in Highlands Ranch participate in collegiate wrestling. 

However, the International style (Freestyle & Greco-Roman) of wrestling starts in April and ends in late June. This is where youth wrestlers gain valuable mat time to improve their takedown ability. Typically, the best wrestlers compete in this form of wrestling and we encourage our more advanced and competitive wrestlers to compete in this form of wrestling. 

What are the practice days and times?

Golden Eagle Wrestling Club practices during the weeknights. We have three practice sessions depending on the level of ability for our wrestlers. We offer foundational learning practices, competition training practice, and flow & mental prep practices. Review our team calender to determine days and times for the different practices. 

Does my wrestler have to compete in tournaments on weekends? 

Your wrestler can choose their level of competition. Entry level (Rookie-1 year) wrestlers are encouraged to participate in 3-4 tournaments during the wrestling season. The coaches will guide you on which tournaments would be most appropriate. Wrestlers with 2 years or more experience are encouraged to compete on a regular basis. 

Collegiate wrestlers usually compete in around 25-35 matchs per year. We try to focus our wrestlers on competition preperation and match quality  and not match quantity. We have a club rule that we want our wrestlers to compete in no more than 3 consecutive weekends. We encourage our wrestlers to take one weekend off every month and some cases compete in no more than two tournaments per month. Again, it is about match quality and not quantity. 

Where are the wrestling tournaments? 

There are wrestling tournaments all over the state of Colorado. However,  the majority of the wrestling tournaments are in the Denver, CO area. There are tournaments in Colorado Springs, Longmont, Pueblo, etc. For the large majority of wrestlers, tournaments will be within  25 minutes of Highlands Ranch. For our more advanced wrestlers, competition is seen in inside and outside the state of  Colorado.

What are the different levels of wrestling at Golden Eagle Wrestling Club?

Golden Eagle Wrestling Club is a developmental wrestling club. We have entry level wrestlers and advanced/competitive wrestlers. We desire to progress wrestlers through a 3-stage process that is specific to the athlete and athlete's family. You can choose to approach youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch as a recreational or competitive sport. 

Our BLACK team (Beginner) is for new wrestlers to the sport. The primary focus is learning basic wrestling moves for competition but also can be used in self-defense. Competition is light for our White Shirt wrestlers. They have the oppurtubity to compete against other wrestling clubs at wrestling duals and a few tournaments (2-3 tournaments) a in the South Denver Metro area. Their wrestling season will conclude in mid-February. Beginner wrestlers will complete between 12-18 matches in a season. 

Our SILVER team (intermediate) is for wrestlers are for wrestlers with a basic foundation of wrestling. There is no minimum requirement for being on Silver team but often wrestlers have 1-2 years wrestling or similar grappling experience. They have an understanding of basic wrestling moves that can be applied in sport. To make silver team you, a wrestler must pass a test evaluation including practice and formal competition experience. Silver Shirt wrestlers will often compete a little more regular in the state of Colorado including the State Championships. Silver team wrestlers will compete between 20-26 matches per year. 

Our Gold Team (Advanced) is comprised of wrestlers who are more advanced in skill and/or experience and desire to complete beyond local tournaments. Gold Team members need to be committed to practice and competition. Gold Team members will compete in regional and national tournaments 2-3 times per month.  In addition, Gold Team members are highly encouraged to compete in the international style of wrestling. Gold Team wrestlers will compete between 30-40 matches per season. 

What are the requirements for Gold Team Members?

Gold Team is by invitation only and wrestlers are evaluated on their desire, practice work ethic, leadership ability, maturity, and wrestling ability. At a minimum, Gold Team members should have two seasons years of wrestling experience. Gold team members are expected to compete at regional and national wrestling tournaments. Most of the national tournaments are in the state of Colorado. In addition, Gold Team members are expected to compete in the  Dan Gable Challenge Tournaments through Peak2Peak Wrestling League. Gold Team embers are expected to participate in a national tournament every month USA Wrestling Panhandle Nationals, King of the Mountain, Scheduled Rocky Mountain National Events) and the Colorado State Championships. If your son or daughter participates on Gold Team then our expectation is they practice three times (3x) per week. Finally, Gold Team Members are required to have the Competition Team Gear (Singlet or Dublet, Warm-ups, Shorts, and Shirt).

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